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      1. Company culture

        Deqing Zhongying Stationery Products Co.,Ltd


        Companies focus on cultivating high-quality workforce, establish a good corporate image, in the enterprise management emphasis on harmonious labor relations, "people-oriented." The company has created a good mechanism for all kinds of talents to play. Through the "cause to keep people, the mechanism to keep people, emotional retention" and other forms, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, adhere to the discovery, training and use of talents as a foothold in the work of enterprises. By the company trade union is responsible for cultural construction work, to strengthen staff training, the establishment of staff activities venues, plans to start a variety of staff amateur activities. So that employees can be honest labor, and strive to innovation, harmony, the formation of unity and progress, positive business atmosphere.

        Corporate philosophy: integrity management, scientific management, continuous innovation, advancing with the times

        Business philosophy: the production of customer satisfaction with the products, create a win-win situation

        Enterprise management: scientific management, people-oriented common build, harmonious albert

        Quality policy: strengthen management, customer-oriented operations, the credibility of the first quality-oriented, sustainable development

        Mission: quality first, the credibility of the first, the user first, a warm welcome to new and old customers to visit the company guidance, business negotiations.